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The Mission of the 
Holy Spirit Parish Community


As a family of the Holy Spirit Parish community, we welcome all to our home, Christ's home.  Our journey in Faith brings us together through prayer.  Eucharist celebration, support, love and caring.  

We commit to give generously of ourselves, our time, and talent to one another and to all in our neighborhood.

     May the Holy Spirit guide and comfort us in our never ending journey for peace and strength as witnesses of God's goodness.

April 2021



Priest: Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of your faithful.

Congregation: And kindle in them the fire of your love.

Priest: Send forth your Spirit, and they shall be created.

Congregation: And you will renew the face of the earth.

Priest and Congregation:

O God, who by the light of the Holy Spirit, did instruct the hearts of the faithful,  grant that by the same Holy Spirit we may be truly wise and ever enjoy his consolations.

We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen.





          Beginning in 2015, The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., Inc. (“Foundation”) began soliciting donations to its “Upon this Rock” (“UTR”) capital and endowment campaign.  The UTR campaign raised funds for many purposes, including soliciting funds for making essential upgrades to classroom facilities and technology of Christ the King Seminary (“CKS”), expanding CKS’s role as a center of retreat and religious celebration, and establishing an endowment fund for CKS. Unfortunately, in early 2020, CKS’s Board of Trustees determined that CKS would close at the end of the 2020-2021 academic year. CKS’s closure will make it impossible for the Foundation to use the UTR funds raised for CKS for their original intended purposes.  However, under New York law, when the original purposes for which funds are donated become impossible to achieve, those purposes can be modified in a manner consistent with original intent by the New York State courts. For many years, CKS provided education and formation for ordained and lay ecclesial ministers in the Diocese of Buffalo and beyond. Accordingly, the Foundation has asked the New York State Supreme Court for the County of Erie to approve a modification of the purposes of UTR funds raised for CKS so that those funds can be used to support the education and formation for ordained and lay ecclesial ministry in the Diocese of Buffalo, as determined in the discretion of the Foundation’s Board.


            If you have donated to UTR and would like to be heard regarding this requested modification, you may send a letter to: The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo, N.Y., Inc., attention Executive Director, 795 Main Street, Buffalo, N.Y. 14203 or an email to donor.info@frcdb.org. Copies of letters or email received by the Foundation will be provided to the Court.  You may also make a formal filing in the legal proceeding entitled Matter of the Modification of Endowment Funds of The Foundation of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Buffalo N.Y., Inc., Erie County Index No. 814747/2020. In order for your submission to be available for the Court’s consideration, please be sure to send any letter or email, or make any filing, no later than Friday, April 9, 2021. 


Holy Thursday (St Margaret) ~ 7:00pm

Good Friday (Holy Spirit) ~ 3:00pm

Blessing of the Baskets (Holy Spirit) ~ 1:00PM

Easter Vigil (Holy Spirit) ~ 8:00pm

Easter Sunday (Holy Spirit) ~ 7:00am

Easter Sunday (St Margaret) ~ 8:15am

Easter Sunday (St Margaret) ~ 9:30

Easter Sunday (Holy Spirit) ~ 11:00pm

Happy  Easter



Please note that the 

Free Spirits 

will begin meetings again, 


Thursday, March 11, 2021

Holy Spirit Food Pantry

Our Food Pantry is open on

Thursdays from 9-10 am  &  5-6pm.

* Our Food Pantry is a once a month food pantry

*Please bring proof of address

* Picture ID

*And a referral is needed from a case worker

or parish priest after your first visit.

We service the 14216 & 14207 zip codes

Some of the things included in our monthly bags are

Cereal, rice, pasta, canned fruit, canned vegetables, tuna fish,

Mac & Cheese, peanut butter & jelly, jar sauce,

soups, crackers, canned meats, milk & bread. 

If you are in need or know someone

who may need a little help

please come and see us on

Thursday from 9-10 am or 5-6 pm.

Religious Education Classes 

Registration Form for 2020-2021



     The new schedule of weekend Masses is as follows: (changes are in bold type)


Saturday  4:00pm  Holy Spirit

Sunday  7:00am  Holy Spirit

Sunday  8:15am  St. Margaret

Sunday  9:30am  St. Margaret

Sunday  11:00am  Holy Spirit


     The 25% maximum of capacity per celebration has prompted me to slightly change our Mass schedule.  You may remember when the diocese requested each parish throughout the diocese to count the number of people at each Mass on a few weekends.  Those surveys revealed that the average attendance at Holy Spirit was considerably higher each weekend than the attendance at St. Margaret.  From a standpoint of capacity (that is, seating), both churches are quite similar; but from a standpoint of capacity used, Holy Spirit was used nearly twice as much.  Therefore, in order to be in compliance with the governor’s 25% capacity ceiling, I have added a 7:00am Sunday Mass at Holy Spirit.  My hope is that some Holy Spirit parishioners who would normally come to the Saturday 4:00pm Mass would consider temporarily coming to the new Sunday 7:00am Mass, and that some who prefer the Sunday 11:00am Mass would please come instead to the Sunday 7:00am Mass.  In this way, each of the three Masses at Holy Spirit can be under the 25% capacity limit.  Besides, practically speaking, in the heat of the summer, coming to Mass at the very start of the day may be in fact quite pleasant. 



Mass Schedule

(until further notice)


We are now able to live stream the daily mass into the church hall !

This new feature allows us to spread out and accommodate more parishioners at or daily masses!

O Mary, full of grace, Patroness of this great nation and Mother of the Church.  In this time of Illness and world wide need we seek your intercession for our human family.  We ask for strength in diversity, health in weakness, and comfort in sorrow.Help us, O Blessed Mother, to be filled with confidence and trust in our loving and compassionate God.  Please watch over all who are sick as well as those who care for them and give wisdom to all who are seeking a cure. We ask this through Christ our Lord. Amen

"We're looking for your email address"

We are looking to add your email address to our contacts. 

Please contact Karen at the rectory  875-8102 to give her your email address, 

to receive important messages from our parish.

                            Please continue to pray for each other,

And remember that


are always in our prayers!


Holy Spitit

2020 Volunteer of the Year

Sr. Katherine Marie Bogner

2020 Altar Server of the Year

Sienna Ridout 

Welcome to Holy Spirit Church

We would like to welcome all who have recently joined Holy Spirit Parish.

If you would like to register please call the rectory (716)875-8102

to have the registration form mailed to you.











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