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We Are Asking Holy Parishioners


What are some

Ministries, Programs, Activities or events

that you would like to see here at Holy Spirit,

or would perhaps like to see here more often?


Marriage Enrichment

Would be helpful and supportive for many of our couples, young and old alike


​Parish Retreat

Such as we had a few years back

We sponsor another 3-day Parish Mission

like we did a few years ago

If you have an idea which you feel will

enhance our lives together as a parish family,

please share your idea with a Parish Council member or contact us below

Mike Cheman,  Ray Schwartzott,  Phyliss Ostrowski, 

Ricky Warnes,  Rita Riley,  Carmela Kieffer,

Sister Katherine Marie Bogner,  Tom Loncto,

Karen Adamski,  Scott Becker,  Hedy Auletta,

Father Joe


Contact Us


What Would You Like

To See Here At

Holy Spirit

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