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Confirmation Candidates

Anthony Abramo

Bryan Cellini

Dominic Moore

Gabriella Moore

Cecila Nowak

Dylan Perry

Sienna Ridout

Juliette Falzo

Martina GarcisMontano

Daniella Gorman

Emma Najdzionek

  John O’Rourke 

 Isabella Sciortino

Nicholas Wild

Congratulation  Confirmation Candidates

Congratulations  First Communion 


             Samantha Abramo                  Margaret Donoghue      

              Alexandra Foglia                         Jeffrey Hoffman 

              Anabella Oleandi                   Jorge ReinosoZagarra

                   Alea Totaro                                Jocelyn Wolf 

A special note of gratitude to all of these parents

for their attendance at all the extra parent meetings.

We hope that their children will grow in a greater appreciation for all that the Eucharist is and will be in their lives

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