Words From Our Pastor

It’s time to get busy...
My heart is broken, and I’m sure yours is too. Buffalo being added to a list of cities that have suffered from a mass shooting is just another addition to a long list of realities that continue to remind us that we need to do something different. 
Last week I was invited to attend the St. Thomas Moore Guild luncheon that included a guest speaker. The speaker was Fr. Matt Malone, S.J., editor and president of America Media. I was extremely moved by his speech and believe his reflection is more prudent now than ever. In my own words what Fr. Matt was sharing challenged all of us in attendance to be part of a way forward. However, in being partof the way forward he  shared that we have to consider two things. 

     First, we are part of the problem. We cannot be naïve to think
that our lives, what we say and do, have no effect on the world
we live in. If we don’t believe we impact the world, then we are
fooling ourselves. We have to acknowledge that we are part of
the problem. To even enter the conversation, we have to admit
that sin affects our lives which makes us part of the problem. If
we look deep inside ourselves, there is someone we haven’t for-
given, someone we hold a grudge against, words and actions that
we have said and/or done that contribute to evil in the world.
This acknowledgement, as difficult as it is, gives us a way for-
ward. This means that I can enter into the dialogue of how or
what I can do to be better. Now, it’s personal. When something is
personal, I have a vested interest in it. When the problem is ‘over
there, with that group of people, or someone else’s concern’ then
I have no vested interest in changing things. Once I am in soli-
darity with my fellow human beings, then we can move forward.
Once it’s personal, that means I can forgive, I can welcome, I can
ask for forgiveness. I have the ability to make a positive change
for good.
It’s time for us to get busy, as individuals, as a community, as
parishes and as the human family. The Gospel this weekend says
that Jesus gives us his peace. Not as the world gives, but as he in
union with his Father give peace. Let’s get busy acknowledging
that all of us are part of the problem, so we can be a part of the
solution, because all of us could do more. Let’s get busy inviting
people into the dialogue of love and peace by the actions we live
each day. Jesus inaugurated the Kingdom of Heaven, let’s get
back to acting like we are a part of that Kingdom.
If we want change, we have to become the change we want to see
in the world. I find it disheartening that last Sunday’s masses
were some of the poorest attended, especially after the tragedy on
Saturday. What will it take for us to make Jesus the priority in
our lives? It takes realizing we need a Savior, and we don’t need
a Savior unless we realize we are part of the problem! Our par-
ishes and our world will fail or succeed based on what you and I
Keep smiling 
Fr. Bryan 
PS  Mark your calendars! June 19 is going to be our first shared
Corpus Christi procession. We will have one mass at St. Marga-
ret that day at 9 am, with our procession starting right after. We
will process to Holy Spirit, visiting four altars on the way and
conclude with benediction and the 11 am mass. ALL should be a
part of bringing Jesus to the streets. Please make this a priority!