A Few  Words From Our Pastor

Last weekend we celebrated the Feast of the Baptism of the Lord, which is the official conclusion of the Church’s celebration of the Christmas Season. Just as there had been a profusion of parishioners who stayed after the 11:00am Mass on the Sunday before Christmas to set up the Manger Scene, the trees, lights and all the Christmas decorations and flowers, so too was I impressed with the large number of parishioners who answered the call to stay after Mass last Sunday to take down all the decorations and clean the church afterwards. Once again, a number of families with children were among the helpers. I cannot think of a more encouraging sign of parish vitality than parishioners of all ages coming together in service of their parish. And I do believe that there is a tremendous value being shared with the next generation when the children are so actively participating in the life of their parish. Although there was much work to do, it was accomplished in a relatively short time because there were so many workers. I always find it rather difficult to see all the decorations come down  the church had been so beautifully and richly decorated! Yet, perhaps that is the message of the Feast of the Lord’s Baptism. After all, Jesus did not remain a baby in the manger for long. Nor do we have the luxury to linger too long in the warm glow of Bethlehem. Rather, just as Jesus had a mission in this world, so do we. The decorations of the Christmas Season are put away for another year; but our living faith in Christ has now again the opportunity to shine brightly in a world so often lost in shadow.


We began the Good Samaritans Ministry almost one year ago, and I am grateful to those who volunteered to join in this new venture of ministering to the spiritual and social needs of our parishioners who have become shutins, either in their own home or in a nursing home or assistedliving situation. I am inviting all the Good Samaritans to come to the 6:15pm Mass on Wednesday January 29th, and to then join Sister Katherine Marie and me downstairs in the Church Hall for dinner, and, most importantly, a time to share your experience of being a Good Samaritan so far. This time of reflection will be good for all of us; and will ultimately help us to serve even better Jesus, Who is so humbly disguised in those to whom we minister. Please call the rectory to let us know you are coming, so we order enough pasta from Amici’s. Also, the Annual Holy Spirit Parish Volunteer Workers Appreciation Dinner is coming soon! In fact, the date was just set this past week. So, if you are an active volunteer in any of the many ministries of faith and service here at Holy Spirit, you should soon receive your personal invitation in the mail. In fact, you may have already received it.


The Holy Spirit Volunteer Workers Appreciation Dinner will take place after the 4:00pm Mass on Saturday February 1st . Amici Ristorante will once again be catering this dinner for us; and the dinner will begin at 5:00pm. We try to keep our growing list of volunteers as accurate as possible, but there is always the possibility that someone may be accidentally left out. If this happens to you, just call the rectory and add your name to the dinner list

 Sincerely in Christ, Father Joe