Words From Our Pastor

Are you ready?
It is hard to believe that we are already in the month of August!
Where has the time gone? I’m not ready for August, especially
because that means September is next on deck! The Gospel this
week asks us to be ready. The question that should jump to our
mind is; ready for what? There are so many things going on in our
world what is it that we believe we need to be ready for? For
believers the answer should always be, for an encounter with Jesus!


Are we ready to meet Jesus?

 A section of the Gospel this weekend
is an option in funeral liturgies and is a reminder that we should be
ready to meet Jesus whenever we may be called from this life to the
next. Are we ready for that final encounter? That is certainly
something to ask ourselves, but I also want us to think a little more
about this. Are we ready to encounter Jesus in the stranger? That
encounter is important too. If we don’t recognize Jesus in the
stranger, in the person struggling, in a person whose lifestyle is
different than ours, then how do we think we will be ready to
recognize Jesus at the end of time? What about encountering Jesus
in the sacraments? When was the last time we were really ready to
see Jesus in the celebration of Eucharist, in meeting Jesus in the
confessional through the ministry of the priest?

The thing about being ready, is that it means we need to be ready
now, today!!! Every moment is an opportunity for us to encounter
Jesus, but are we ready to see Jesus in every moment? We have to
make the effort to find Jesus in all that we do, even in our family
and friends.

Even as our parishes move forward as a family, are we ready to
encounter Jesus in our various parish communities? In other
Catholics in our neighborhoods that we are now collaborating with?
Are we ready to encounter Jesus in the new priestly leadership that
will be guiding each of you closer to heaven?

Are you ready is definitely a loaded question. I hope that we take
the time to make an effort to be ready for Jesus, in every moment
and that we are not just waiting for an encounter at the end of our
days. By finding Jesus in the moment, we value each day which
takes the anxiety of tomorrow away.

Keep smiling
Fr. Bryan